Social Media & PR Strategies 2012 Blog

“30 Ideas” response

on February 14, 2012

I consider myself a highly analytical person, but I have been somewhat humbled by the truth: I perceive more than I calculate. I suppose this has saved me from having to consciously think out and rationalize every single aspect of a given system or method (I am more apt to successfully imitate/absorb the inner and outer workings; maybe I get lucky), but it has oftentimes made me miss key components.

So far, my experience with social media and implementing it in a business context has been successful (if haphazard), but I appreciate the advice given about finding the specific value of any given customer. Add up the amount of actual business attributed to said customer, subtract the cost (telephone calls, etc.), and you have a rough idea of net gain.

I can also appreciate the fact that not everyone has this X-Men superpower of preternatural perception and so I also appreciate the idea of indoctrinating every employee who will ever touch a keyboard with the company’s social media policy.

I would even go one step further. Whenever I describe the impact of social media on a business, I give my own little experience with a GrubHub employee on Twitter.

One day, I tweeted something like, “GrubHub is taking all my fucking money.”

Five minutes later, a GrubHub rep tweeted me back saying, “Resistance is futile.”

I thought it was funny, so I told a couple of other people about it. It endeared me to the company. He didn’t attempt to sell me anything (I was already buying), he didn’t address some type of issue that I had. He simply maintained a cool image for his company and wasn’t even afraid to respond to an explicit tweet that I sent without thinking.

Furthermore, without even trying, he inculcated a very specific idea in my mind about what social media interaction could be between a company and its publics. It was like my own little case study, in which I was the guinea pig, and I have never forgotten it.


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