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My Client

on February 14, 2012

So, the client I am wanting to use for this semester project is In & Out Moving (don’t laugh). See the log in with Facebook button? My idea (although not my idea to use that specific graphic). Facebook “Like” button, also my idea.

Essentially, without going into very great detail, I have been tasked with developing an entire integrated marketing communication plan for the company. So far I have basically focused on very broad strokes, which I think is the most important thing at this stage, so that the company as a whole can make a fundamental shift in the way it will approach doing business. I have already developed an ad campaign of sorts that should be ready to launch by this week. I will keep everyone updated and, with the blessings of Captain Jean-Luc Maguigad, we will see my progress, struggles, and triumphs, UNCENSORED & ONLINE.


My client’s objective is to increase sales, increase online presence, and, abstractly, simply to take advantage of this giant thing called social media marketing. If possible and advisable, cash flow may be freed from traditional marketing methods and funneled into social media marketing.


My approach is pretty simple: be engaging, be relevant, be problem-solver. I want to compile a list of their current customers to create a profile of what their demographics currently look like. I want to create a two-way dialogue with their employees, since they are at the front lines of communicating the quality of the business through the work that they do. That being said, I think it is important to legitimize and reward the employee experience so that the quality of work, though very good, becomes truly noteworthy. I also am interested in expanding their consumer base to different demographics to coincide with the relocation of their headquarters from the North Side to the Pilsen area. This would not require a total re-branding, per se, but simply a more firm molding from the current semi-amorphous state.


This is difficult for me to say. Honestly, this is an ongoing project that could take an upwards of six months to achieve. Since the client objective is rather vague, filling in the details could result in a mountain of activities that I am basically expected to achieve on my own.


One response to “My Client

  1. Demetrio says:

    Well the only thing I can thing of saying now is… “engage!”

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