Social Media & PR Strategies 2012 Blog

Response to Social Media Mktg. Report 2011

on February 14, 2012

I find it interesting that the smaller the business, generally, the larger the gains with using social media. It is heartening to me that this guerrilla marketing tactic of sorts has become a legitimately useful and perhaps even indispensable aspect of any integrated marketing plan.

One thing that I have gleaned from learning about Public Relations in general is a kind of “shoot-from-the-hip” attitude. This is not to say that there is no careful planning involved, but rather that the personalities of those who I have met that are engaged in this field tend to be much more charismatic and improvised than sober and rote. I believe that is why, in my own experience, codifying the benefits of using social media on a quantitative level is less convincing (and far more boring) than explaining the multifaceted advantages in a qualitative manner.

I could say, “I will get you 500 more Twitter followers and 3,000 more ‘likes’ on your Facebook page by next month with this new ad campaign,” and perhaps that’s what real number-crunching types want to hear.

But I would much rather say, “This new ad campaign is going to really get people talking about you; they are going to tell their friends, send them links, link to it on Facebook, their blogs, and their Twitter accounts. They might not even care what your company does, but by keeping them entertained they are going to remember you and, when they need your service, you are who they will come to.”

My favorite part of this report is the fact that my own undertakings at my current internship very closely mirror the trends that are displayed. I am obsessed with what works, instead of what’s cool, but it’s cool to see that what I’m doing is also what works.


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