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Google SEO Guide

I actually had read through this guide prior to taking this class, since SEO is an important point of contention for the field in which my internship does business. What I appreciate about Google is that it is focused on creating better search based on rather simple and intuitive principles. They are trying to move away from the old Internet days of hiding keywords way at the bottom of the page, using a font color that is the same as the background.

With this guide, Google is attempting to standardize website formats to a certain degree so that the ability to access pertinent information can be made easier through its engine. I think it is an important effort and, until Google has serious competition, a model that website owners would do well to follow as closely as possible so that they can be found when they ought to be. As a former webmaster, I can also appreciate how following Google’s SEO best practices actually helps to streamline the process of maintaining a website.

  • Write easy-to-read text
  • Use accurate and plain filenames and directories (i.e. james-yearbook.gif instead of dc00000123.gif)
  • Use accurate anchor tags

Ultimately, websites are about the user, and the content should reflect that. As the web becomes more inclusive, so too should the format and content of your website. This, I believe, is the ideal which Google is working toward with its SEO best practices.


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